I cannot keep up

  • Emails unanswered.
  • OpEds unwritten.
  • Written OpEds unedited.
  • Edited OpEds unsent.
  • Student work ungraded.
  • Chapters, proposals unfinished.
  • Seminars not attended.
  • Piles of papers unsorted.
  • Pictures not taken. Or edited. Or posted.
  • Never ending to do lists.
  • “Shoulds”.
  • Medium? Convenient, but who will read? Example: “Viralandia”.
  • The New York Times? It would have cache, but the turn around time is forever. Often, you never hear back.
  • Fox. They have been very accommodating. But is this an association I want?
  • Facebook. Convenient. But oh so transient. Once it scrolls out of the view of the current feeds it seems to disappear from mind forever. Facebook. So deeply flawed and dangerous. But so very useful and powerful. So full of “memory candy”.
  • Pandemic words.
  • What I hate models.
  • Why things will never be the way they were.
  • A novel model of immunopathogenesis.



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Robert Siegel

Robert Siegel

Professor — Department of Microbiology and Immunology Woods Institute for the Environment Program in Human Biology Center for African Studies